The new box

Testing the new box – so far I'm really happy with it. What could be better than a brand new box?

I get a Vox message about lack of compatability, but aside from that message everything works. I'm way past the stage where I need to know why that is. That's part of the whole "switching over" thing, I don't want to be bothered to debug other people's software anymore. Guys: Make it work, or don't make it work, but don't make me make it work.

The iTunes are cranking, and I'm slowly going through the transition – how much "old" data is still useable, or even desireable? Boy there's a lot of crap in my "Doug" folder from the PC. If your backup strategy is just copying new things, then over time your folder becomes a bin record of all the stuff you used to think about. There are some gems in there, but, like the physical desktop with its piles of paper and ephmera, when the immediacy passes so does the relevance.

Photos are generally being kept, although I wonder if I'll have the same attachment to my old pictures as I would have to a physical scrap book. Do old folks really look at their photos, or do they keep them around mostly for others to look at? I suspect the latter. For myself, a comfortable remembrance is as good as a photo. I keep them because I like looking at pictures, the emotional content is seperate.

 Back to work, hand me a shovel.

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