Snow covered Luddite

For those of us that still shovel snow manually, here are some helpful hints:

Start at the bottom of the driveway. By the time you get from one end to the other, you're going to be too tired to remove the "Plowbergs" that inhabit the sea of white that used to be your street.

The plows will come when you're not ready for them. When you've just finished shovelling. When you're at work. If you're naked. Given winter conditions, that's not a particularly good approach to snow removal, but it will cause the snow plow to stop in front of your house.

Remember you have to put the snow somewhere. You don't want to be moving it back and forth every time it snows.

Find a downhill location to pile it in, but remember that it doesn't take much snow to turn a downhill into an uphill.

Don't pick the snow up. You're basically just re-arranging it. Without benefit of hydraulics, impellers, or monster trucks with six foot wheels, it just makes sense to apply as little vertical motion as possible. Your back and butt will thank you later.

Don't shovel less than three inches, just salt it instead.

Motivation is important, rewards even more so. Work out an equitable exchange for snow re-arrangement services in your household. Dinner? Backrub? Warcraft?

Most importantly, remember there are less than sixty days to baseball season.

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