Juice me

One of the guys I work with gave me a juice machine. It is a piece of alien technology that makes big things into small things, extracting the liquids for the purpose of consumption. I never thought about juice before, doesn't it come from spigots in the back of the grocery store?

So I checked google for juice recipes. There are many. Most of the sites seem to be obsessed with weight loss and a "low calorie" lifestyle. (Wonder why he gave the machine to me? Should I feel insulted? Does this juice make my butt look big? hmmm….) Many kinds of fruit and vegetable can violated in this manner.

I selected something called a Broccoli Bob, which consists of carrots, broccoli florets and stalks, and an apple. I fire up the juice-o-matic and start grinding away. This part is kind of fun. You turn a pile of vegetables into a pile of sawdust, and watch the juice drip into your glass, the color and aroma changing with each new piece of produce. Unfortunately, as when you mix all the colors in your crayon box, the final result is a vulgar brown color. The taste isn't too awful, although the volume of juice obtained from these few ingredients is disappointing.

How to improve the Bob? What is it lacking? I'm thinking vodka.

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