Launching the “War on Stupid”

Ok, I've had it. I'm declaring war on stupid.


It's been a long tradition among my countrymen to declare war on abstract ideas, and indeed on abstract thought. I've been wondering what a "War on Stupid" would look like. Massive attacks launched by teachers and librarians? Intelligent conversation over coffee? Guerilla actions like hiding tv remote control or even (gasp) turning televisions off?

I'd like to know.

So my first thought is how to attack stupid, because ignorance is surprisingly robust. It's not enough to declare "That's stupid!" We have certainly become immune to mere declarations. Such a statement renders your possible serious issue into the status of opinion, which is therefore easily ignored. A declaration of stupid has to be followed by "why" and "what happens next."

"Taxes are stupid! People can't afford to support wasteful government! If we allow taxation there will never be an end to it!"

Watch for the "War on Stupid" tag, I think there's plenty of material to work with.

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