No poxy little plastic pots

Seeds are arriving on the doorstep. Before long we'll be up to our knees in dirt and various vegetable projects.

Pot maker 2
Pot maker 1

The first of the seeds include onions, peas, peppers, and radishes.

Also a nifty garden gadget that forms pots for starting seeds from recycled newspaper. Gotta like a good garden gadget. The little pots thus formed can go directly into the ground.

No poxy little platstic pots to throw away or otherwise fuss about.

And I thought this would be a dull weekend! Woot!

But this whole process can be made even easier! Just purchase a 39 cent package of seeds and give them to your neighbor. He'll plant and do all the work, and feel obligated to give you vegetables. What could be simpler?

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