QotD: Danger Is My Middle Name

When was the last time you did something dangerous? 
Submitted by Ross

I don't usually do dangerous on purpose. When I do dangerous it is a surprise, like "guess what? you're still an idiot!"

I saw plans on the internet for building an alcohol cooking stove for back-packing. It was cute and cool and I just had to make one. Trimmed three cans of Heineken down for materials and drilled and pressed them together per instructions. No I didn't drink them first, duh. So I'm testing this thing, amazed that it actually worked. I decided that it wasn't safe where it was, sitting on the top of my kitchen stove (surrounded by pilot lights, brilliant) so I tried to pick it up to move it. Full of flaming alcohol, which was now dripping on the top of the stove, down the front and onto the floor.

At this point I idly began wondering where I'd put the fire extinguisher when I moved in last year…

I was able to move the flaming mess of a camp stove across the kitchen to the stainless steel sink where I dropped it. Now the sink is full of flaming alcohol too. Fortunately the capacity of the burner was so small that it all burned out within a minute. I was left standing, breathless, in the middle of the kitchen wondering how I was going to explain the odor and soot to the wife.

What did we learn from this kids?

Know where your fire extinguisher is. I went and bought a new one. It is in the southwest corner of the kitchen, across from the refrigerator.

Build flammable projects outside the house. Duh.

Don't move flammable projects until they are no longer flammable.

For Pete's sake don't let the teenage daughter see any of this, because it will be family reunion fodder for the next generation or so. Stop laughing and help me put this fire out!

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2 Responses to QotD: Danger Is My Middle Name

  1. HIlarious! I can just see that happening to me! šŸ˜€ Thanks for making me smile today Doug.

  2. Doug says:

    Unfortunately, now the wife knows the "rest of the story." Secrets can never be kept, except, of course, as a source of angst.

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