My life as a deck of cards

Whenever we spend time waiting, for food to be made, for doctor visits, or any other time we are compelled to sit and do nothing, we like to doodle. I carry cards that are 2" by 3" (shirt pocket size) and have a pencil surgically implanted behind my ear, so its easy enough to do. The whole family draws them, with one picture inspiring the next. They can get quite silly, although it's often not possible to appreciate later… What was I thinking?

There's a card game I read about on the collection of tubes called 1KBWC (1000 Blank White Cards) that exploits the willingness of people to doodle and create games – but that's for another time.

Here are a couple of the better ones from recent trips:

It's not Picasso, or maybe it is, but it beats staring into space or despairing at the possibility of ever receiving another hamburger.

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