What happened to the ugly little room?

The vegetable explosion continues.

We are done with spinach, but the peppers are starting to come in.

We start a new project this week, painting the ugly little room with the world's ugliest ceiling fan.

It's impossible to convey the scale and ugliness of the room. Because of its size, we think it was a nursery. One wall has been altered at an odd angle to provide the adjoining room with the world's most dis-functional closet. One wall was red. One was yellow. One was blue, another green. White ceiling complete with toxic little fan. Why oh why do parents do this to their children? Did they read somewhere that this would improve eye/brain coordination? The poor child will have no sense of art or decor, and probably psychotic tendencies…

We have stripped the room and taped it off. The first coat of primer is on, and, although it's obviously going to need another primer coat before we go with the tint, it already looks better. The cheesy cafe curtains are going, and the fan and all metal trim in the room are receiving a "hammered" silver tone. Our feeling is that it can only help.

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2 Responses to What happened to the ugly little room?

  1. jaklumen says:

    Wow… I envy your garden!I'm trying to figure out where to find chile plants (granted, it may be too late).Our weather is very good for it– hot and dry. In fact, I believe there are a few jalapeño farms in the Lower Yakima Valley.I would like to grow my own as fully ripened (red) jalapeños are difficult to find, and I've been itching to make red jalapeño jelly. Chipotles would be nice, too.For the most part, however, I have to find something for the windowsill; outside has not been very practical in an apartment.Best wishes on giving the room a great new look 🙂

  2. Doug says:

    Pepper plants are very hardy, they should do well for you. Didn't know I could ripen jalapenos, I'll have to try some!

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