Not good swimmers

The summer flowers arrive.

Our insect pals also arrive

And they're hungry. They seem to prefer the green beans.

Fortunately they're not good swimmers

The bonsai are resisting the Japanese beetles, perhaps not tasty. There are also traps available for the critters, but entymologists don't find them particularly effective, since they attract more beetles to the area. The best strategy seems to be buying a trap and giving it to your neighbors.

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5 Responses to Not good swimmers

  1. Heyyyy, I planted zinnias for the first time ever this year and something is eating the leaves leaving a stalk with a flower head. Do slugs eat zinnia leaves?I can make a slug trap with a shallow dish and some beer…

  2. Doug says:

    Worth a try. Pass the slug bait!

  3. Slugs LOVE beer. They go to the edge, drink some, get loopy then fall in! It's pretty gross after a few fall into the beer, but it's better than dealing with slugs. Have you ever gotten one on your clothes? SOOOOO GROSS!

  4. Doug says:

    I'd rather slugs than, say, earwigs. Big problem in these parts. Yuck.

  5. What do earwigs destroy, besides the brain of a human when put in an ear.

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