Stuff we saw

We saw the state of vacation in middle America.

We saw an entire flock of whooping cranes, turning about high above us, appearing and disappearing as if they were a neon sign flashing on and off. There must have been a hundred of them, and then there weren't, and then there were. Quite eerie.

We saw a great hole in the ground, grateful for the dripping coolness of the stalactites and stalagmites on what was an extremely hot day.

We saw a series of round-abouts connected through a town obsessed with trolls. They were 'charming Norwegian heritage' in the guise of wooden carvings outside businesses, banks, shops, and the Mustard Museum.

We saw a Norsk golf course.

We saw a water-park filled with German tourists, arrayed like a flock of peacocks of enormous girth and breadth, having the time of their lives. They gave us joy.

We saw army boats and lost canyons, horse trails and a water ski amusement whose big finale was a laser show choreographed to that ghastly Lee Greenwood song.  Our second national anthem, apparently.

We saw a house perched on a high rock, and the famous architect's home.

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