Ready, set, go

When I go out, especially when I'm hiking, birding, or otherwise headed for the woods, I take a bag along. Normally it stays packed, near the door, where I don't have to think about it. Just grab and go. Periodically I have to re-pack, replenish, replace batteries, and so on. Now that the weather is crap, it's a really good time to do that. Here is the current inventory:

Small led flashlight
Folding multi-tool
Monocular telescope
24" piece of rope
Pair of cotton gloves
Matches in waterproof container
Dental floss
AfterBite pen
First Aid : Aspirin, gauze, bandaids, antiseptic wipes
Blanket pin
Folding can opener
Mosquito repellent wipes

This all fits into a small waist bag. I add two liter sized water bottles, a good hat, sturdy shoes, and I'm ready for anything. This load also includes lunch:

Wishing it was warm enough now.

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