Ten things

In the spirit of "ten things," I've made the following list. No doubt lots of people have done these things, but I don't care about that. You don't need to be on the Everest list to enjoy you life:

    1.    I've relocated over fifteen degrees of latitude. Twice.
    2.    I once climbed Mt. Fuji.
    3.    I've lived in six states and three countries.
    4.    I play the guitar, badly.
    5.    I once had a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, but no longer train.
    6.    I earned a college degree while working full time. I took ten years, and I never received a penny of financial aid.
    7.    I've been married to the same person for more than thirty years.
    8.    I can make things.
    9.    I have two beautiful children.
    10.  I'm not done.

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2 Responses to Ten things

  1. Lauri says:

    Excellent list! And the very best one….#10 of course! I need reminding of that from time to time! 😉

  2. stephanie says:

    i'll second that emotion! great list & keep up the good work.

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