JJQ#4: Favorite author

“Do you have a favorite author?  Who?  Why?”

I used to have favorite authors, a number of them, but these days I can’t keep up. At various times in the past, however, I have favorited these guys:

Arthur C. Clarke – wonderfully clean writing style, presents the fantastic as simple matter-of-fact
John Steinbeck – great characters and empathy, good visual descriptions
Kurt Vonnegut – bends my head, makes me laugh
Tom Robbins – irreverent, satirical, naughty, makes fun of us all

Hmmm…. three out of four are dead now. Time to find some new material.

One thing we like to do with “major” authors at my house is read them aloud. We set aside time for a chapter a day, and serialize some rather large books this way. Nobody has to wait for someone else to finish. When the kids were younger, it was a good way to ask and answer questions. It takes a little longer to get through a book this way, but I think we get a lot out of it. It’s fun to read as a group. The last thing I think we did thus was “Cold Comfort Farm” by Stella Gibbons. Even now, someone in the house will shout out, randomly, “Who let the Big Business out!??!”

Looking at last year’s books I would now favorite Michael Chabon and Kazuo Ishiguro.

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