I grew this

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4 Responses to I grew this

  1. jaklumen says:

    Such interesting colors– so where did you get the seeds? Any difference at all to the taste?

  2. Doug says:

    I haven't cooked any of this type yet – I understand it is much tougher than the norm. I think we will remove from the cob and simmer slow like a pot of beans. It may or may not be edible! Usually this corn is just for Halloween/Thanksgiving decoration

  3. Seery says:

    You have double the joy – eating and looking. Also – it reminds me of jelly beans … just beautiful.

  4. There are so many pretty things in nature that we simply take for granted eh? This is a beutiful picture. I love the little dimples in every kernel. They give me the impressions that at any moment it might burst into popcorn! I think this corn, when dried, makes smaller, more dense popcorn but it's apparently very tasty.

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