The “broken windows” theory of crime is correct

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3 Responses to The “broken windows” theory of crime is correct

  1. Drude says:

    I saw a study once on human territoriality. Researchers laid a beach towel out on a busy beach, and watched it to see how long this anonymously staked out territory was respected by other people… Results were that as long as the towel was neat and free of sand, nobody threw it away or took the space even after sitting next to it for hours (knowing nobody had been there), but as soon as it had some sand over it or was a bit messed up, it took very little time before the space was taken over by somebody. So humans respect another persons territory as long as it LOOKs taken care of… first sign of abandonment and it's up for grabs… I think the broken window theory is the same thing.

  2. Doug says:

    I've noticed it here in the empty lot next door. It stays tidy for a long period of time, but as soon as the first piece of trash appears, then it is immediately joined by lots more. It seems to happen in places where people aren't sure who it belongs to, or if it is "public." As soon as the first "junk" appears, then they assume it doesn't belong to anybody. "Public" then becomes free-for-all.

  3. jeffington says:

    i watched a neiborhoods crime rate tripple and fill with trash and grafitti etc because of some narsisist phycopaths terrrorizeing people every night … of course we fled from there "they assume people dont belong to anybody" and have a free for all with the "public"

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