Car tales

In a small shop it is a big event when someone buys a car. I thought it was pretty instructive this morning, as I was listening to the various comments that people made after the arrival of a new one.

Here's a slice:
"Boy, I'm glad (s)he didn't cheap out and buy the Element."
"I need one of those."
"Love those big wheels."
"What a beautiful car. Looks really comfortable."
"What kind of gas mileage? 16? Wow, that's not bad."
"I'm thinking that would look good in my driveway."
"Good job trading in the mini van for that."
And so on. This car is a Buick Enclave, which will be used by one person to commute to work. I leave it to the curious to do comparisons.
Apparently I'm the only person in the shop that thought it was an awful choice. I think it's too big, too inefficient, too expensive, and too bad. But that's just me. (I have the Element and I love it).

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2 Responses to Car tales

  1. jaklumen says:

    Apparently it will be a while before the perceptions of some change, if at all.

  2. Michelle says:

    I used to own a Nissan Xterra… now *that* was big, clunky and inefficient, but man what a fun truck to drive! Now I have a black 5 speed Grand Am SE and am very happy with the thing's mileage… plus it's a hot looking car when nicely cleaned and polished. In the end though, they are nothing but dirty, and harmful to our environment. I wish I didn't have to own a car at all. I would simply ride my bike to work like I used to. Perhaps it's time to move closer.

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