what, exactly, am I supposed to do when people at work start showing me pictures of monkeys?

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3 Responses to So…

  1. stop bringing in the overripe bananas

  2. jaklumen says:

    I dunno– act like you are a monkey and that they are showing acts of aggression? Chatter and yell at the intruder monkeys in the pictures?

  3. Snowy says:

    Throw Poop!!! Mwa ha ha ha ha!Is it a skunk monkey? Cause if it is.. you should call Brian, yell "Skunk Monkey," and hang up. Actually you may want to do that every now and again anyway just because it would amuse the hell out of me. :DRemind me later and I'll explain. Let's just say that time he was dreaming about oranges and orange juice isn't the funniest thing he's ever yelled in his sleep! he he he

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