Closet upheaval

I was trying to think of something nice to do for someone else, on account of this new group idea, but I was finding it really hard to come up with something creative and fun. So I decided to start a New Year's tradition that I never thought of before : I took three bags of clothes out of my closet (arguably the most useless closet on the planet, but never mind) and gave them away. I gave them to Lend a Hand Across America. I hope there are homeless people somewhere that can be warmer now.

Still looking for a better, fun, idea for doing something nice for someone. It's really much harder that I thought it would be. Keep trying.

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4 Responses to Closet upheaval

  1. Waterbaby says:

    Hi Doug, As I mentioned, Giving and Paying It Forward are lifestyle practices so I'm brimming with ideas. For the newbies, clearing out the closet is a good start. Next, go to the pantry and clean it out for the food bank. Be ruthless. Do not think of yourself. Think of the many many many who do without, who struggle just for a plate of peas. You'll be surprised when the Awareness and Gratitude of how much you have unfolds into the Spirit of Giving. Like the proverbial fish for Jesus, your supply from which to continue giving will multiply. Best wishes as you move forward and grow.

  2. jaklumen says:

    Sorry I haven't joined the group yet– I'm struggling on my own as it is. At best I'd just be telling tales of what I did for close family members.

  3. Skoolie says:

    This is a great idea. and I know sometimes it seems like money is involved too much, especially when we don't have a lot to spare, but there are some great ways of doing something that will cost you little or nothing at all and are super rewarding to you in spirit. I hope to see this group grow and inspire people this year, 🙂

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