For being there

There is a pretty simple thing to do for somebody – thank them. There's a web page sponsored by a well known insurance company, or you could just pile the thanks right here.

Hey M, thanks for listening to my song. Hey Ma, thanks for remembering my birthday. Hey Mrs. W, thanks for… well, you know what you did.

It could be contagious.

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4 Responses to For being there

  1. and…Hey Doug thanks that you are here and I can look to your photos and songs and and and and….. Have a nice evening

  2. Thanks for spurring us on to '"pay it forward." I have a son that is unusual. He is one of those kids that every once and awhile, looks up at me and thanks me for doing something that the other kids just "expect." He might look up and say, "Thanks, Mom, for cooking dinner." I am usually left speechless and then I feel so appreciated and stunned that anyone actually noticed that I did something. You are right….being thanked makes such a difference.

  3. thankfulness should be contagious!

  4. LBeeeze says:

    Thank you for posting this!!

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