QotD: My Weirdest Online Shopping Purchase

What's the weirdest thing you've ever bought online?

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5 Responses to QotD: My Weirdest Online Shopping Purchase

  1. You may be amazed to know that we also have the flying monkey. My 18 year old son loves the catalog called, "Think Geek." Most of the things are very eccentric but seem to appeal to the computer crowd. I was looking through the catalog for stocking stuffers and ordered the monkey for him. I cannot tell you the fun he has had, even at the age of 18, hiding behind the corner and launching the monkey at my daughters and myself. I scream every time and he gets such a kick out of it. Who would have thought??

  2. Doug says:

    Mine succumbed, alas, to the tender attentions of the cat.

  3. LOL….tender?? I think you jest.

  4. funny….made me not only smile, but laugh.

  5. LBeeeze says:

    I need me one of those flying chickens. The flying chicken is the perfect fall fowl (you can't really call a chicken a "fall guy"). Any time anything goes wrong you could always blame it on the flying chicken.

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