The New Kid

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9 Responses to The New Kid

  1. Cimmorene says:

    “That’s Nermal, the cutest cat in the whole world.” says Garfield.

    Sorry, Doug. I just couldn’t resist.

  2. akamonsoon says:

    Is this your new kitty?

  3. Awww, sweet. Smiles all around when an animal finds a home.

  4. Freedom Smith says:

    What a precious kitty!! The header on your blog looks awesome. Did you use your own picture for that. I have not seen it before.

  5. LBeeeze says:

    Can you come out and play?? Can I come in and play?? Do you have milk?? Maybe cookies?? Can you come out and play?? Can I come in….

  6. kerstin66 says:

    what a funny shot..looks like the cat look in a mirror…nice cat-both:-)

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