Our first geocache expedition was not a success. We were lucky to have warm weather, 50F or 10C, but it was rainy and very muddy. (All the snow melted last night.)

It’s right in there… Somewhere…

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5 Responses to Geofail

  1. kerstin66 says:

    congratulation-I m happz to read this.

  2. Geocaching – something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time! Hopefully someday if ever I have money and a job again. My sister does it and loves it!

    • kerstin66 says:

      geocaching is a funny thing/you go to places you never been before.

      • Doug says:

        It’s funny, but there are more than a dozen within 10 miles of home. We’re going to practice on those before we venture out in the wide world.

        • kerstin66 says:

          ;-)yes make it and than go in the wide world….I have 4 finds now in UK 🙂 and I´m happy. Geocaching is a good thing.

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