The Bridge

Thing 22 : “Create a bridge. Connect two things in a creative way.”

Here we bridge the gap between the cat’s perch and the top book shelf. Zoe seems to approve, since she always like to be top cat. Looking down on us mere mortals. I had an old metal shelf in the basement, and faced it with a piece of bamboo window blind.

The hardest part was cleaning off the shelf. Horizontal surfaces come at a premium around here…

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6 Responses to The Bridge

  1. bookmole says:

    And we all know that horizontal surfaces are only there to be filled with “stuff”!

    Nice bridge, btw.

    • Doug says:

      I was complaining to my offspring about the pile left on the dining table; turns out it was all my stuff and not hers.

      • bookmole says:

        I often complain about the junk on the dining table – usually it’s mine. Or homeless junk, which equates to mine as far as the offspring are concerned!

  2. kimkiminy says:

    So creative! Zoe is a lucky cat.

  3. Oh, excellent! LOL at the third pic. Apparently the new construction gained foreman Zoe’s seal of approval.

  4. phantomxii says:

    Excellent! I’ll bet the kitteh loves scrabbling up and down it.

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