It’s not easy being green

“Work only with green materials today.”

I had no idea there were so many shades of green. I was just about finished with this when I wondered how would it have looked if I’d followed a quilt pattern – all the same greens with all the different textures and finishes – I think it would have been better. Next time I hope to think of that before I begin!

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5 Responses to It’s not easy being green

  1. phantomxii says:

    Overhead view of a garden layout?

  2. LBeeeze says:

    I don’t know. I like it the way it is.

  3. Initially I couldn’t tell whether those are paper or fabric, then a zoom reveals apparently paper. I like this because I looooove papers, esp. those Asian or Asian-like (i.e., Japan’s papers are *incredible*); however, I find the drawn lines sorta detract from the piece. I do find these projects educational as well as fun.

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