Where the heck am I?

Thing 31 : Make a path for people to follow and invite people to try it out.


I borrowed a die from a game we have here that is marked “L,” “R,” and “C,” for left, right, and center. I then rolled it at each intersection to decide which way to go. As I was on foot I used city blocks as my unit of distance, but I don’t see why you couldn’t use miles or parsecs, assuming you had appropriate transportation. After ten rounds I found myself here:

Which was something of a disappointment. However, there was some “natural” area in the vicinity, occupied by this:

The end of a water project? Toxic waste repository? Library of impenetrable research?

The walk home was a half mile of pondering.

So I invite you to take the sequence in a location of your choosing : L L R L L C R R R L


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4 Responses to Where the heck am I?

  1. akamonsoon says:

    This is great! I may just have to try this. Of course I live in Phoenix where everything is on the grid system so I may just end up where I started. LOL.

  2. LBeeeze says:

    That’s an interesting way to take a walk. Too bad the natural surrounding were inhabited by the green monster.

  3. Very very cool, Doug. Plus nice to see your 365 creativity back in business. Reckon I’ll take you up on the LLR-Etc. offer when I get to this one. Unlike akamonsoon, I’m certain not to end up where I started; however, I may end up somewhere benefited by a weapon on my person. 😉

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