Thing 35 : Create instructions for making something.

Step 1

Make a paper pattern. Has to be a bit larger than your finished size because it will be stuffed.

Cut two

Sew the edges together with a stitch better than this one.

Glue on the decorative bits. Feel free to include wounds, guts, or other zombie artifacts.

Add teeth and eyes. Beads are sewed on from the inside.

Stuff and close.


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3 Responses to Yeti

  1. “Sew the edges together with a stitch better than this one.” – lol. (BTW, the simple overhand or chain stitch would suffice.)
    This brings to memory my younger days when every Christmas I made an ornament that I gifted to my parents. And many, if not the majority, were of felt. I just love working with it, the sewing and detailed handiwork. No idea where those ornaments are now — probably gone for good — but they were sweet small works of art. The zombie yeti just never crossed my mind, danggit! ;D

  2. phantomxii says:

    Good heavens. I think you might just have invented Zombie Babo.

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