Cats don’t understand the word no

I wonder if my cat is becoming a discipline problem.

She is suffering from boredom, I’m sure, because of short days and cold, and because we don’t spend as much time outside as we can in warmer months. She also seems extremely interested in inappropriate foods, especially holiday food, especially in my lap. I’m guessing the increased cream and butter content interests her, but I have also seen her investigating pie. (I didn’t know cats were interested in pastry.) So with the “Nine o’clock crazies” happening at more odd and random times, and the increased pilferage of foodstuffs I’ve come to the decision that something must be done.

Is there a kitty military academy somewhere? Maybe we could stage an intervention?

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5 Responses to Cats don’t understand the word no

  1. A feline military academy! Now there’s a money-making idea!

  2. Are you letting your kitty eat things out of your lap? Or is she just jumping into your lap and being obnoxious? I had a hard-headed tomcat who would jump on the table and eat people food while I was preoccupied on the phone or with the kids. I finally began setting out plates of deli meat, pie, whatever he showed a preference for that was laced with Bitter Apple spray. (I marked them to make sure the kids didn’t try the embittered food.) After a couple of bites, Tomcat was less apt to eat my lunch. Your mileage may vary with the intelligence of your cat, however.

    • Doug says:

      I try not to feed her, but there are other people here… And she plays the cuteness card! An unpleasant experience might be just the ticket.

  3. kimkiminy says:

    I can just imagine a kitty intervention. She would quizzically cock her head at you and your friends, wondering if there was going to be food involved…

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