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One of our customers passed a memo back recently, to let us know that parts we made had been used in the destruction of certain “high value targets.” Well done everyone.


I was supposed to feel a surge of pride, a moment of gratitude for the brave men using my devices, or a boost of patriotic fervor to produce more and better units. By supporting a corporate extension of the state, I am surely supporting our very way of life, am I not?


But no. In truth, the idea that my work leads to killing, even the killing of criminals, gives me no pleasure at all. What I felt was nausea.

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4 Responses to Thanks for sharing

  1. It’s funny that someone would even think that you would be pleased by that kind of news. I guess some people live with a different mindset than most of us. But that “supporting our very way of life” as a reason for war—it all sounds hollow, especially after Iraq. We aren’t even sure they’ll be able to maintain a working democracy, let alone peace in their own nation.

  2. LG says:

    Mmm..tricky situation. I write for the defense organisations too, and very often I feel uncomfortable about it. The pride in my work is often marred by the nondescript guilt.

    • Doug says:

      It doesn’t keep me up nights, I just don’t believe in celebrating anyone’s misfortune. High fives and gloating are not for grown-ups.

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