A Rant for the Day

There’s something I’d like to clear up as my friends, and indeed the entire country, continue the relentless swing to the right. I am not leaning to the left because I lack maturity.

The claim is that young voters vote Democratic because of their idealism and that mature voters vote Republican becuse they are pragmatic, or seasoned, or wise, or whatever. I call bullshit. These same people have no problem with idealism when it inhabits a perfectly executed touchdown reception, golf swing, or automobile. They are less enthusiastic when idealism is trying to care for the sick, feed the hungry, or train an out of work septagenarian so that he can still be useful.

Stop calling the other side dumb. It doesn’t help.

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4 Responses to A Rant for the Day

  1. I’ve been surprised at how far right the Upper Midwest has gone in the last eight years, vis a vis Michele Bachmann and Scott Walker. Is it possible that fundamentalist Christianity powers the right wing out there?

    That said, the Republican Party’s office in my town in California is having trouble raising the funds to stay open, and it’s been talking of consolidating with the county offices, which represent mostly small farm towns where people still tend to be more conservative. They’re a dwindling group out here—while agriculture is still important to the state’s economy, the farms are mostly run by large corporations which hire mostly Mexican immigrants to work the fields. (It’s also no secret here that California agriculture is heavily dependent on these people, whether they’re illegal immigrants or not.)

    I also think there are a large number of people in our generation who remain idealistic, open-minded and willing to learn from the changes in our global politics, technology, and environment. The Right as far as I’m concerned support a culture of death, one that doesn’t have a future. If they take over this country, we’ll quickly see nations like China, Brazil, India and South Africa surpass us in wealth, education and technological advancements.

    *sigh* And now I’m going to go back to checking the election results on TV. May the Force be with us.

    • Doug says:

      The mid-western condition has always been, during my life, a long polemic against anyone not from the midwest. In this sense Christian fundamentalists consider themselves morally and intellectually superior to everyone else.

  2. shythom says:

    totally, totally agree.

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