Lotto dreamers

I didn’t win the 550 million powerball lottery. Neither did anyone that I know. Or anyone that any of them know. It’s a pointless exercise, but one that did manage to capture $2 of mine before it all played out.

I really don’t play often, because I believe the lottery is a tax on people that are bad at math. I have better odds of being struck by lightning seven times in the same day than I have of winning the big money.

And yet someone has to win it.

If the entire shop plays the same set of numbers, I’m not going to be the only guy that doesn’t get a cut. But what do I get for my $2? Just the thought of all the employees heading out to become millionaires. A few dollars worth of fantasy, well spent.

Current location : Charleston, IL

Miles to go : 743


Shortly before he left for Washington for his March 4, 1861 inauguration, Abraham Lincoln made a last journey to Charleston to bid farewell to his friends and family.  He arrived on a freight train, there were no formalities to welcome president-elect Lincoln, and a witness recalled that he was unceremoniously dropped off “in the mud several hundred feet down the track”  from the station.

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3 Responses to Lotto dreamers

  1. I play the lottery for fun—out here, the state lottery is only a buck per ticket. (Powerball apparently has raised their price—I wouldn’t pay $2 for a single number. Or did you play two?) But I don’t expect I’m going to win the big jackpot. I’d be happy if I walked away with $100,000.

    I did win $4 from the Powerball once. I went out and bought two more numbers. Neither of them won anything. So I made $1 from my bet. 😛

  2. For only the 2nd time in my life I bought $10 worth of lottery tickets. (5 lines of numbers, HG – it’s $2/’play’ … plus something for the “multiplier” whatever that is – I opted not to pay for that). Someone in Oklahoma won $1 million. It wasn’t me. I would have been thrilled to just win my $10 back.

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