12 enjoyable names for relatively common things

  1. box tent : the plastic table-like item found in pizza boxes
  2. jamais vu : that feeling of seeing something for the first time, even though there’s nothing new about it
  3. paresthesia : that tingling sensation when your foot falls asleep
  4. grawlix : the string of typographical symbols comic strips use to indicate profanity (“$%@!”)
  5. caruncula : the small, triangular pink bump on the inside corner of each eye
  6. badinage : another word for playful banter
  7. rhumba : a group of rattlesnakes
  8. dringle : to waste time by being lazy
  9. agraffe : the wire cage that keeps the cork in a bottle of champagne
  10. wings : those back flaps on a bra
  11. rasher : a single slice of bacon
  12. purlicue : the web between your thumb and forefinger

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6 Responses to 12 enjoyable names for relatively common things

  1. I thought a rhumba was one of those robotic vacuum cleaners…. but I knew what a rasher of bacon was, thanks to all those Jack London and Laura Ingalls Wilder books I read as a little girl. (I also think a rasher of bacon was rationed each week to sailors when they were in the middle of the ocean and far from the next port where more bacon was available.)

    But I need to get back to my holiday tasks. I seem to be dringling my time away.

  2. Jane says:

    Oh no! I’m a dringler.

  3. When we’re walking through the fields around here we can always tell when we’re near a nest of rattlesnakes. If the rattling doesn’t alert us … the music from the rhumba does. (Okay, it’s rumba … but still …).

  4. kimkiminy says:

    Dringling my day away… (I wish!)

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