Sticking it


There isn’t anything simpler than a stick. We lean upon it, stir things up with it. We can also use it to fend off angry villagers or to hold up one end of the tent.


I’ve reached the age where, even though I feel I can make it on my own, I appreciate a bit of help going up the hill.


I can usually be found with a walking staff on the trail, a lightweight willow or cedar one, to provide a bit of steadiness on uneven ground.


You might see me practicing the occasional ninja move or takedown, idly wasting time in martial fantasy. (You can carry it onto any airplanpe.)


With a stick and a rock, you have invented golf, baseball, and hockey.


You can stick together, stick out, or stick around. But remember, it isn’t just a stick. It’s also a rod, staff or cudgel. It’s a club. It’s a baton. It’s a cane.


Current Location : Wapanocca National Wildlife Refuge, Arkansas

Miles to Go : 415

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