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6 Responses to Thundersnow

  1. That nasty stuff was here yesterday. Hope you enjoy it more than we did.

  2. No video with sound? I guess just looking at it is enough.

    I once walked to a neighborhood Christmas party with my three kids when it started snowing. It got heavier as we walked (and we couldn’t walk fast because there was already six inches of snow in the street) and the flakes were wet and like mush. Then suddenly we heard this loud BOOM! My kids all screamed and grabbed me and almost pulled me down. I ended up carrying the two younger ones while the oldest one whimpered and cried while hanging onto my arm. She’s still mad at me for not carrying her too.

    • Doug says:

      Walking in it is an adventure, but driving is worse. I got behind an idiot this afternoon that decided to slow to a crawl going _up_ the hill. I’m in the car behind him yelling “DON’T STOP!”

  3. lots of snow….we have here this here so lot of snow-and I hate it…..hope spring say now hello 🙂

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