Cat Games

In no particular order of importance, here are the cat games that I know how to play:
Shoelace – The object is to create dangly joy. All I have to do is make a of bit string, some tinsel, or a bathrobe tie, wiggle, and kitty does the rest. It may involve much untangling of claws.
Ball pounce – sometimes evolves into chase ball. I walk from one end of the room to the other and roll a small ball back. Kitty may or may not choose to pounce.
Hide and hide – the cat will run to an area just out of sight, then to another one, then to another one. It doesn’t seem to matter if I play or not.
Lurking – when the cat is lurking, in something or under something, it’s my job to pretend not to notice.
Pat a cake – may require a second cat. It is basically ninja practice, with each cat scoring by striking the paw that is striking the paw that is striking the paw.
Blanket pounce – my role here is to create imaginary creatures under the surface of the blanket. This game may also be inverted into
Bed making – where the cat becomes the creature under the surface of the blanket.
Crawling into stuff – Lots of stuff. Grocery bags, cardboard boxes, cupboards and cabinets, suitcases, purses, and a great deal more. My role in this game is to check the linen closet and freezer when I haven’t seen the cat in a while.
Plastic milk jug ring – a cheap and easy favorite. I once found a stash of twelve under the couch.
Stare down – another game for two cats.
Kill the bright red dot – our most high-tech game. The cats can do this for hours. Be sure to have plenty of batteries for the laser pointer.
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5 Responses to Cat Games

  1. My cat loved Blanket Pounce, except that her pounces got a little too rough for me. She’d sink her claws through the blanket and into my feet. She never got into Kill the Red Dot, however. She always seemed annoyed when the kids flashed the laser in her direction. Sometimes she couldn’t resist and would attack it with a fury that was almost scary: but after a few minutes she would get this expression on her face, like “Oh god, what am I doing?” and run out of the room in horror. Later she would glare at me: “You tried to humiliate me, didn’t you? You thought you could turn me into an ordinary cat, but I proved you wrong. Hissss.”

  2. Plenty of batteries! The one we have sucks them dry quickly.

    • Doug says:

      I like to use a flashlight/pointer combo. So many batteries. I’ll probably have to answer to the power police someday.

  3. jaklumen says:

    We are housesitting for my folks and part of that is playing Kill The Red Dot with Skittles, their cat, since it is his favorite. We do a few of the others, but most of the time, it is trying to keep Boy (our son) gentle and not lumbering after him like a chucklehead. He is learning.

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