Finally spring?

The better part of the weekend had passed before we could stick our heads out, like owls blinking in the sun, and hope that we could finally go out into some milder weather.

We took rather a long walk. Long enough to notice the aches and pains collected over the winter, how much taller he hills had become, and how, like dogs, we wanted to run around in it with our tongues out and our tails wagging. It felt really good.

The only disappointment was the wind. Our old nemesis was blowing fiercely and frequently, so much so that our entire outing became an exercise in zipping and unzipping.
So I think it is finally here. Spring has brought out the crocuses (crocii?), the denizens of Almost and their pets, and a whole new attitude.


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4 Responses to Finally spring?

  1. LG says:

    You are welcome to some of the heat that has been pelting us in this part of the world. Sigh !

  2. Since yesterday we have spring here finally 🙂

  3. Jane says:

    I’m with LG – a bit cooler and wet today but it’s been a long, long summer.

  4. I’m glad spring has finally arrived in the northern Midwest. Oddly, I’m finding I prefer cooler temperatures to heat. We had a couple of freaky afternoons in the high 80s last week, and I was perspiring in my spring jackets and jeans. I had to rummage around for my summer clothes—as usual, my shorts have disappeared over the winter—but while I was doing so, I thought, ‘Hey, what happened to our spring? I’m not ready for summer temperatures yet.’ I tend to be looked upon as a naysayer, however. Everyone else seems delighted with the warmer weather.

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