Watch This

Am I the only person annoyed by this?

“Here, watch this video.”

No. I don’t want to. If you send me a link via e-mail, I may or may not watch it, but at least I have that choice. If you tell me about it in conversation I am completely capable of searching it out for myself, if it interests me.

But don’t thrust a phone into my hands and expect me to enjoy it. Even if I do enjoy the video, my annoyance with you may be such that I’d prefer to pummel you than laugh along.

You’ve been warned.

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10 Responses to Watch This

  1. LG says:

    Ditto. Usually, I hate it when people thrust is videos of babies sleeping, or laughing, or burping, or whatever under my nose. Hey folks, that is all babies do, you know…a baby’s sleep or laugh or burp only thrills the doting parents, none others.
    Sheesh !

  2. LOL. For the past month or so I’ve been getting spam from some jerk who writes, “Watch This Video if You Want to Get Laid!” or similar messages to that effect. I don’t know whether to laugh, since he (she?) assumes I’m male, or respond with an angry FU. (I’ve been told never to reply to spammers however, since all that does is confirm you’re a real person with a real email address.)

    But: It’s hard to get away from someone, especially a relative, who sticks their smartphone under your nose and asks you to watch their unbearably cute video of their grandkid eating spaghetti for the first time. Oh gawd, do you really think that’s cute? That just ruined my lunch! Why can’t you post this on YouTube like all the other annoying people in the world? I wonder if Miss Manners has addressed this sort of thing. Like, “Never show videos to others until you’ve asked them politely if they would like to see it.” Of course, people who do this sort of thing won’t bother to ask, since it’s never occurred to them that other human beings matter.

    • Geez … I’m just trying to help you out with your social life. guess I’ll quit sending the videos.


      • Haha. The other subject lines say stuff like “If you want to know how to make women horny, watch this video!” Or: “Even ugly men can get laid with the techniques on this video!” The last one was depressing, because I can imagine guys like my brother opening that one up. He’s been looking for a soul mate online, but he keeps going after 20-something women from Japan. (No, he doesn’t speak a word of Japanese.) I told him no 20-something wants to marry a 50-something man unless his bank balance is in the seven digits. Hope springs eternal for some people….

    • Doug says:

      Does Miss Manners do tweets? It might be time…

  3. No, you are not alone … it annoys me as well.

    Having had my email address “spoofed,” I do not follow any links in any emails.

  4. jaklumen says:

    Oh wow… has it really got that bad? I know that consumers are moving towards mobile devices, but… no one has shoved something under my nose, ever. I probably don’t get out enough, I guess.

    Then again, the only mobile device in our home is an old used Handspring PDA… Cimmy still needed something to remind us of appointments and such. Monochrome display, so no videos. She could care less about the game that was included with it, too.

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