Is there anything prettier?


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7 Responses to Is there anything prettier?

  1. shythom says:

    i know – strawberry season is coming up in a month or so over here. i can’t wait to go strawberry picking! for me, add some blackberries and blue berries in that photo, and you have yourself a par-tay!

    • Doug says:

      That sounds like my favorite oatmeal embellishments! Mmmmm…

      • shythom says:

        i like my fresh berries mixed with yogurt… better yet, on the side with some waffles or thick french toast, drizzled with maple syrup! and while we’re add it, some farmer’s sausage, please.

  2. If there was whipped cream on those berries, they’d be irresistible.

  3. love them….I bought my first strawberries yesterday. At the moment in our town is season for asparagus…….but asparagus and strawberries do not fit together well 😉

  4. LG says:

    on ice cream…yeah baby !

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