Summer Flowers

DSC03421 DSC03434 DSC03435 DSC03440 DSC03442

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4 Responses to Summer Flowers

  1. I miss how green and blooming summer is in the Upper Midwest. Here in the West, it is bone dry and the grass is dried up and brown. If I see an occasional flower popping up here and there, it’s usually star thistles and unattractive weedy plants with scraggly yellow blooms. The recent wave of wildfires don’t help. I’ve seen hillsides scorched black, and I wonder if they’ll ever come back before the rainy season arrives and turns everything into mud.

  2. What a nice collection but until the last flower, I do not know the name of the flowers. But they look nice. Here also flourishes everything, but you can already smell the autumn. greetings from Kerstin

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