Two things

My annual checkup was not a happy time. In the immortal words of Paul Simon :

Kid you better look around

How long you think that you can

Run that body down?

How many nights you think you can

Do what you been doin’

Who you foolin?

 All the bad things were up. Nothing but tree bark and treadmills from here on out. 😦
Totally unrelated : Popular Science has turned off its comments. The trolls have won. This bothers me.
We can’t have a civilized conversation on the internet about science? (Or anything else for that matter.) This particularly bothers me, though, because science is not about debating and promoting an opionion or value. Science is the way you decide between competing opinions. It is the way you make a rational decision, it is not merely one side of an argument. Any fool can have an opinion, and many do. But, your opinion doesn’t have the same weight as evidence backed up by data.
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2 Responses to Two things

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    I hate it when those bad things go up…. I hope it’s not only tree bark!
    I agree about science – empirical evidence or data is a great starting point to form an opinion.

  2. Not tree bark! This might be an opportunity to discover new recipes that are low in the bad stuff and high in the good. It doesn’t have to be just rabbit food, either. Grilled fish with steamed rice and grilled fall veggies make a terrific dinner. 🙂

    And not that I’m pushing anything, but it might be fun to take up a new sport. Like karate! 😉

    I’ve noticed that some of the science blogs have been attacked by creationists, anti-vaccination advocates (I wanna call them crazies, but I don’t want to stoop to their level), and even anti-Obama birther types. (How they manage to connect science to the President’s birth certificate is a mystery to me.) So I don’t blame Popular Science for turning off its comments. But it’s kinda sad the haters get to control what we do and say on the internet.

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