The Battle of the Clothes Dryer

Ominous news reverberated up from the depths of the basement : The dryer is not working. Not working? It isn’t turning. Damn.
Reset the timer, push the button. Nothing. Damn.
Unload the clothes, try again. Nothing. Damn.
I opened the top, which is the simplest, least committed repair activity possible. No belt. Damn.
I was lucky that my town still has a small family business that carries appliance parts. I bought a new belt from a young lady that appeared to be about twelve, and returned to the fray.
It is a simple matter to pull the front off the appliance, only two sheet metal screws. The drum simply pulls out, revealing how simple a clothes dryer really is. One motor, one drum, one fan, one heating element, one belt, a couple of support wheels.
I put the belt on and pushed the drum in place. Can’t reach the pulleys. Damn.
Pulled out the drum and put the belt on the pulleys. Can’t get the drum on. Damn.
Put the belt on the drum and put it on the pulleys. Drum not on the wheels in the back. Damn.
Pushed the drum onto the wheels. Belt came off the pulleys. Damn.
Pulled out the drum, put the belt on the drum, on the pulleys, and the drum on the wheels. Hoorah! The front is on, it all works!
The vent came out of the wall. Damn.
Went outside and pulled ten pounds of insulation out, re-taped the vent door and pushed it back into the wall. Re-connected all the vent joints.
So far so good.
We have achieved an uneasy truce with the downstairs appliances.
About two hours, all in, and only $21. Count that as a win.


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2 Responses to The Battle of the Clothes Dryer

  1. I’m ready for a nap just from reading this.

  2. LG says:

    I second GOM. So much easier to just go and hang those darn clothes on the clothesline….

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