I’ve had enough

As if the “winter that would never end” hasn’t done enough already : I broke my damn snow shovel.

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9 Responses to I’ve had enough

  1. Time to fly south!

    • Doug says:

      Should have gone in november. I left Florida to come here.

      • Why?

        Never mind. I moved from CA to Minnesota and put up with winter for 30 years. There was one winter where we had a blizzard on my birthday in April. I cried, but we didn’t move. I don’t think I could up with it now, however. Slipping on ice and cracking my tailbone twice, then getting rear-ended on an icy highway in 18-below weather made me decide the northern Midwest was not a place to grow old in.

  2. LG says:

    Our summer has already started. Would love to send some your way.

  3. Spring is now here-I´m happy about it-I send you some flowers 😉

  4. shythom says:

    it’s your shovel telling you its had enough too, and has resigned from the job. :p

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