Three finds this afternoon

Finally some weather agreeable enough to search out some geocaches. We stayed close to home today, ending our outing with dinner at the Red Mill, a nice turkey Rueben (which my wife tells me is called a Rachel), and a Blue Moon.


First at the local Wal Mart

DSC03851 DSC03854 DSC03855 DSC03857

Then a couple of roadside finds. Found a giant plastic spider in the bottom of one of them. Not cool, bro! We don’t have much green yet, but it’s looking like the next week will create miracles.

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4 Responses to Three finds this afternoon

  1. At least the snow is gone! Hope you start seeing daffodils and tulips soon. A friend in Minnesota said it still looks like November out there, even with the rising temps and the ice disappearing on the lakes.

    • Doug says:

      Yeah, it feels better. A lot better. But it still looks like Mordor out there. The bulbs are just breaking the ground, the horseradish is up, and there’s a whole lot of yard needing cleaning.

  2. I was going to say the same thing HG did – the snow is gone!

  3. three finds-congratulations.The snow is gone- better molten 😉

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