A slice of yogurt

At the new frozen yogurt and smoothie place in town we we indulging ourselves after a long walk, watching the kids run around in the shop. Screeching and playing as young ones will. They were toddler age, or just past it, and this had been going on for some time.

The shop owner asked who the parents were, and would they mind controlling their children? The young woman replied “Once they start running like that I can’t control them,” intending then to return to her gossip with her friend.

My wife remarked, as she sometimes will, “this isn’t a playground.”

The young woman thought a moment and said “Well, I guess I’m making it a playground.”

I have no idea what happened next, as we were leaving, but I’d bet that her parent-teacher conferences in a few years will be quite interesting. With an attitude like that I’m sure those kids will go far.

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  1. shythom says:

    wow – great parenting style. or lack of. as a parent, that’s one of the biggest rules we have – we never allowed our child to run wild like that in public or even inside our own home. that’s just leading towards a future of disaster.

    more importantly, i wonder if that parent had ever consider safety issues? at restaurants, all it would take is a child bashing into a waiter carrying something hot to cause multiple injuries to both the child and waiter (and possibly anyone else around).

    the store management/supervisor would have had to right to ask those people to leave if they were disturbing other patrons.

    • Doug says:

      I wondered about the poor shop keeper. No one wants to upset their customers, but, as you say, it is a matter of safety as well as manners.

      • shythom says:

        Bravo, btw, to your wife for speaking up. Her words might have been dismissed that one day, but these things have a way of coming back around in time.

  2. LG says:

    Poor children, I should say. Some parenting, huh?

  3. I can’t believe that shop owner would want that particular customer back. The mom might be one of those people who leave a negative review on Yelp about any business that complains about her kids, but the vast majority of internet denizens hate poorly-behaved children, from what I can tell.

    Good for your wife on speaking up. She also should have complained to the shop manager about the kids and asked that they be told to leave. It’s hard, I know—you feel like an a**hole doing that: but I hate paying good money to sit down and eat at a place and have my repast ruined by another customer who can’t control her kids.

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