Old treasures



Found a few of these in the local antique shop. I’d date it around 1910. I think they were meant for school, given the inexpensive price and pamphlet style of binding. Even today it was a bargain, around $2 each. The reading is more work than a modern poem, though, because of the old-fashioned language and often obscure references.

My wife comes from Cajun family, so I picked this tale of Acadia. In 1755 the British in North America began to evict the French settlers of Nova Scotia. The French families lost their lands and their livestock. In the village depicted in this poem nearly 700 buildings were burned. Their mass resettlement led some eventually to Louisiana, where they live until this day.

Longfellow used this struggle as the background for his tale of love and loss.

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    What a great find!

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