My favorite weed


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2 Responses to My favorite weed

  1. I don’t think violets should be classified as weeds at all! We should encourage them to grow all over those shady sections of the lawn.

    Of course, there are some municipalities like the one I used to live in, which tell you what you have to plant in your front yard. We were actually told we had to plant grass, like lawn grass: not clover, not moss, not thyme. Fescue or Kentucky bluegrass preferred, but ryegrass was acceptable. Also, monthly treatments of chemicals to keep that lawn green were encouraged. It made me hate living in the suburbs, and that one in particular.

    • Doug says:

      I think it’s a shame that some locales think that food plants are ugly. They are not! They flower and produce colorful fruits, and do real good for the people that care for them. Better if the cities butt out.

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