I joined a drum circle yesterday afternoon, which is the perfect activity for a middle-aged guy with no discernible sense of rhythm. It was great fun, but also work. Drumming is great exercise!

There were about a dozen folks there, most of whom had done some drumming before. Except for the occasional school desk, this was my first time. I found that when my mind would wander, as it inevitably does, I would quickly become lost. The hands don’t actually know what to do on their own.

Nevertheless it was great fun, and the other people were quite patient with the newbie. I think I am going to want a larger drum, though, since my hand doesn’t seem to fit inside the skin.

Practice when you’ve got the house to yourself.

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  1. I was going to say, your family hasn’t moved you to the garage by now? After living with three budding musicians for 27 years, I still haven’t recovered my hearing. None of them took up percussion, but the bass guitar was almost as bad.

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