Rub a Dub Dub

It turns out that candles are very attractive to skunks.

When Bob the butcher and Mort the baker asked me to join them I was a bit skeptical. What use am I going to be in the “eat what you catch” contest at the pub? I own an arts and crafts store. The prize money was tempting, though, so I signed on.

The plan was for Bob to prepare the night’s catch and that Mort would bake it into a pie. Easy. I was there mostly because I had a truck.

We didn’t have a lot of success with the trapping. The first two were completely ignored, and the third had been broken and its bait taken.

When we returned to the truck, however, our luck improved. There was something rummaging around in the back. If we could just grab the critter and bag it, the night wouldn’t be a total waste. We crept up quietly, Mort on the left, Bob on the right. When they counted down silently on fingers Three… Two… One… I pulled open the door.

You know the rest.

We need tomato juice. Lots of it.

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4 Responses to Rub a Dub Dub

  1. LG says:

    ROFL. Are you serious?

  2. I was told hydrogen peroxide mixed with baking soda and Dawn dishwashing liquid works really well, too.

    When I first heard about this recipe however, I wondered if it also bleached your hair. Nothing like walking away from a skunk encounter and coming out blonde. 😉

    They’re not planning to eat the skunk, are they?

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