Groundhog Day

The notion of a holiday based on the forecasting abilities of a particular rodent is something I can’t say enough good things about. We need a good many more ridiculous holidays! Especially when we are in the dead of winter, gripping our snow shovels in manic determination and reading seed catalogues as if they were gospel truth.

Seriously, right now any reason to get out of the house is a good reason.

My little village has a special fondness for the prognosticating groundhog, ever since it appeared in the Harold Ramis movie of the same name. We still have, more than twenty years later, picures of Bill and Phil (or Bill as Phil if you want to be pedantic) hanging in local eateries. As a claim to fame it isn’t much, but as an excuse for a midwinter festival, you can’t beat it. Greetings from Gobbler’s Knob!


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3 Responses to Groundhog Day

  1. I read somewhere that Punxsutawney Phil is correct less than 40% of the time, which seems fortunate given that he’s predicted six more weeks of winter this year! I know a lot of people in Minnesota who’d love to see an early spring thaw. (And here in CA we’d love to see more rain and less dry sunshine.)

    The kindergarteners at the school I work at made a Groundhog Day picture to mark the “holiday.” Since groundhogs are rarely seen out here, I think the kids thought they were drawing pictures of a mythical animal.

  2. You don’t live in the town where the groundhog bit the Mayor’s ear do you? I still can’t figure out what that means as far as the weather/season is concerned.

    The prairie dogs saw their shadows here, btw. Of course, it’s 6 more weeks to March 21st anyway.

  3. I so agree with having more of these quirky holidays of fun.

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