A good guy with a gun

My local newspaper tells the story of a man that dropped his loaded handgun in the post office. A postal patron found it leaning against the wall near the exit. Apparently it had fallen out of the man’s pocket as he was leaving. When he realized it was missing he retraced his steps to find it.

But we shouldn’t worry because he had a legal FOI card and a concealed carry permit.

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2 Responses to A good guy with a gun

  1. I wonder if the need to carry a loaded gun wherever you go is commensurate to low IQ, given the number of incredibly careless shooting accidents that have been occurring lately. In a town close to where my son lives, a guy who had earlier taken a Xanax with beer went to a movie theater with a loaded pistol tucked in his waistband and ‘accidentally’ shot the person sitting in front of him. He said when he was arrested that he was afraid there might be a mass shooting at the theater. Who knew he’d be the source of terror himself? And has there ever been any incident where a mass shooting was deterred by a lone citizen shooting back with his concealed weapon?

    • Doug says:

      The need to be armed at all times has been common among gangsters since we’ve had gangsters, and really wherever lawlessness prevails. To the extent we’ve given up on living peacefully, “gun rights” flow into the gap. I think it’s a measure of fearfulness more than anything else.

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