I was the pot whisperer

We were stopped in the grocery store yesterday by a young man shopping with his kids. He wondered if we knew what a Dutch oven was. He had at least two dozen roses in the cart, and was wandering cluelessly through the store looking for something that he had no idea what it was. I am guessing that she had asked for one as a Valentine’s Day present. We told him what it was and where he could find one. He looked so grateful!

Not the most romantic present one could imagine, but at least the lad is trying.

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2 Responses to I was the pot whisperer

  1. Dutch ovens are also fantastically expensive, though cheaper than diamond jewelry. (Well, depending on the brand of Dutch oven and brand of diamond, I guess.) I’ll bet the young man’s wife is a practical woman and has little use for jewelry. Nice Valentine’s Day story!

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